Here at Self help for you we have developed a unique and video based self help program which offers you the opportunity to learn some simple and easy to follow techniques designed to help overcome the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress related problems.

By following our program you will have the opportunity learn similar techniques to those taught in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. These techniques are known to be very successful in treating the many symptoms common to depression, anxiety and stress related problems.

If you feel the program could be of help to you and you’d like to find out more, this is what to do next. Firstly, watch the introductory video below to get an idea of what we are offering you. Next go to the “Information Pack” on the right where you will find essential and important information before registering for the program.Once you have read the information and watched the information video and feel the program will
suit you, please register and begin.

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Important information : Please read this information pack before signing up for Self Help Program
“What’s on offer for you at self help for You”
The opportunity to take part in our video based self help
The opportunity to learn Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques
The opportunity to learn conscious awareness techniques
Learn how to live In the present
Watch our weekly video “Tips” section
Read the many articles at your disposal
Read the blog
Join our forum and connect with others
You will have access to all these facilities.
“In our self help program you will learn how to”
Rid yourself of negative thinking patterns
Rid yourself of negative emotional states that interfere with your
well being
Rid yourself of negative and potentially destructive behavior
Control your negative thinking, emotions and behavior
Question,challenge and test them
Become more consciously aware – helping you to focus and
concentrate more effectively
Define life goals
Learn about achieving your goals
Make a plan of action and carry it out.
Live in the here and now
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